In God?

Is there any proof of God?

Proof Of God!

Why believe in God?  Is God just a myth, a crutch for the weak?  Or is it possible to find proof of God?  Is there any strong evidence, any clear proof that God exists?

We invite all who are earnestly seeking for proof of God, all who want an answer to questions like, "Why believe in God?" or "Does God exist?", to consider the evidence on this website which points not only to the existence of God, but shows how you can know God.

The answer is that for those who have eyes to see, the existence of God is beyond doubt!

There are seven powerful and logical reasons why you should believe in God.  These are listed below in brief.   Click the links under the descriptions to find out more.


 1.  Why believe in God?    Answer: Creation

Astronomers have calculated that the 'known' universe has 10 times more stars than all the grains of sand on all the sea shores and deserts on earth!  The universe has order and structure to it and is it now accepted that that the universe actually had a beginning.  There was a time when matter did not exist.  See God and the universe: proof of God!   The DNA that we are made of (or rather, which makes us) contains information and you cannot have information without intelligence!  Click here and see DNA evidence for God.


  2.  Why believe in God?    Answer: Conscience

Sometimes we feel guilty about the things we have done.  Other times we feel justified that we have done the right thing.  So where did our conscience come from. Where did the sense of  right and wrong come from?  Why is it that we see some things as good and others as evil.  Discover how our conscience is proof of the existence of God.  CLICK HERE


 3.  Why believe in God?    Answer: Christ

Many religious leaders said, I will teach you truth.  Jesus Christ said, I AM the truth.  Jesus Christ is proof of God: his fulfillment of around 300 prophecies, his perfect life and his miracles, back up his claim to be God in human form. So if we can show that Jesus existed and he did the things the Bible says he did, we have personal  and powerful evidence as to why a person should believe in God.  And not only that, they can know God!  CLICK HERE.


4.  Why believe in God?  Answer: Cross

If God is real, he could do just about anything, even raise the dead. The Bible says that Jesus Christ was tortured, crucified, buried and then three days later, raised to life.  After his resurrection he appeared to believers and gave "many infallible proofs" of his resurrection from the dead.  Why believe in God?  CLICK HERE to see the most powerful proof of God! 


 5Why believe in God?    Answer: Church

By "church" we mean the people not the building.  "Church" comes from a word that means assembly.  The church are those who assemble to worship God: the witness of millions of believers, whose transformed lives, love for their enemies and willingness to die for what they believe, is a strong reason to believe in God.  CLICK HERE for some personal stories. 


6.  Why believe in God?    Answer: Content 

The "content" is the message of the Holy Bible: a library of 66 books written in 3 different languages by 40 inspired authors from 3 continents over about 1600 years.  It is historically and scientifically accurate, backed up by archaeological discoveries, and contains 100's of fulfilled prophecies with more to come.  CLICK HERE for divine proof of God's existence.     


7Why believe in God?    Answer: Chance

How much do you know about the 'known' universe?  What do you know about every organism and all matter that ever existed beyond earth and within the earth?  0.01% ?  What are the chances that in the 99.9% that you don't know, there is plenty of evidence for the existence of God, proof of God beyond doubt showing why you should believe in God.  CLICK HERE


"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." (Winston Churchill)


The created world is speaking to us